Meet Swimwear Designer Vuthy Sim:  In His Studio & With Kids in Cambodia

Vuthy Sim is a Cambodian-born American swimwear designer for men, who lives and works in coastal Maine.  He came to this country as a refugee, carrying a passion for clothing and design he'd had since childhood.  He launched his clothing line in the year 2000 after moving to New York City.  He moved to Maine in 2007 and maintains a design studio in an historic old mill building in Biddeford.

Vuthy thinks swimwear for men should be both fun and sexy.  He is fanatical about fit, frequently tweaking his designs to make them even better.  Vuthy understands that every man has a different build, so may need or prefer a different style.  That's why he offers a full range of 7 silhouettes -- thong, bikini, brief, retro brief, squarecut, boxer, and board shorts.  They generally are unlined without external drawstrings.  Front linings can be added for an extra $5.  If the listing you want doesn't offer that option at checkout just contact us.

Vuthy offers what we believe is one of the largest swimwear collections in the world.  How can he possibly do that?   By throwing out the "mass-produced in China" playbook.  Vuthy prefers instead to operate a boutique design shop where each swimsuit is custom made only when the order comes in.  That way he can keep dozens or even hundreds of fabrics on hand and available, without the burden of pre-producing large quantities of each, then hoping they'll sell.

We also pride ourselves on customer service and 100% positive ratings everywhere we sell.  If you have a question or concern, or want to do a little bit of customization, just let us know.  For instance, any of our fabrics can be produced in any of our 7 silhouettes, even if a particular listing doesn't include them all.

Vuthy knows buying swimwear online can be tricky.  That's why he offers a "no questions asked" return policy.  Send back within 14 days for an exchange, such as a different size, or a full refund.

When not in the studio, Vuthy's main passion is visiting his native country of Cambodia each year and doing what he can to help children there.  In photos above he's bringing new shoes, back packs, and school supplies, and teaching English with flashcards in a rural Cambodian village. He dreams of some day setting up a shop there to teach sewing and design skills, and produce  school uniforms for kids.

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